Property Taxes &  Assessments

Property Taxes and Assessments are an important part of property ownership. Your property taxes are calculated using the market value assessment of your property. This means that each Betula Beach taxpayer is contributing an equitable portion of the overall taxes towards the operation of the Summer Village of Betula Beach.


2023 Betula Beach Assessment Roll
Assessment Year: 2022   •   Tax Year: 2023

Betula Beach - Assessment Roll - 2023.02.09.pdf • 34 KB

Property Assessments

What is property assessment?  Property assessment is the estimated market value of property, which will be used to calculate the amount of taxes payable to the Summer Village.

How is my assessment determined?  Assessment values for 2023 are based on market values as of July 1, 2022 and reflect the physical condition and characteristics of the property as of December 31, 2022, using mass appraisal techniques.  These assessed values are audited by the provincial government in order to ensure proper valuation practices have been followed.

What is market value?  Market value is the most probable price that a property might be expected to bring if sold on the open market by a willing seller to a willing buyer.

What can I do if I don’t agree with my property assessment?  If you have any questions or concerns about your property assessment, contact the KCL Consulting Inc to set up a phone meeting with your assessor.  The assessor can review your assessment with you and provide an explanation specific to your property. Website Link:

What if I still don’t agree with my assessment after speaking to the Assessor?  If you still do not agree with the value of your property, you may submit an Assessment Review Board complaint form to the Village Office at the address below, attention to the Assessment Review Board Clerk.  The form and applicable fee must be received no later than the complaint deadline date on the top of the front of this notice.

Assessment Complaint forms can be obtained by request to or from the Alberta Municipal Affairs website:

Each assessment in dispute requires a separate complaint form and fee.  Section 460 of the Municipal Government Act and its regulations set out other requirements with which you must comply, including requirements of disclosure.  The Assessment Review Board will not hear any matters or reasons that are not clearly indicated or described on the complaint form.  Fees are as follows:

  1. Residential complaints (3 or fewer dwellings and farmland)       $ 50
  2. Non-residential complaints                                                               $650

Fees are fully refunded if the Assessment Review Board makes a decision in favour of the complainant or if the assessment complaint is withdrawn.

How can I get additional information?  An assessed person is entitled to see or receive sufficient information on their property assessment under Section 299 and Section 300 of the Municipal Government Act.  Please contact the Village Office to arrange this.

Summer Village of Betula Beach
Assessment Review Board Clerk
Phone: 780.691.446
Box 1075, Onoway, AB, T0E 1V0


Betula Beach Assessment Roll


2022 Betula Beach Assessment Roll
Assessment Year: 2022   •   
Tax Year: 2023
2022 Betula Beach Assessment Roll.pdf • 34 KB


2021 Betula Beach Assessment Roll
Assessment Year: 2021   •   Tax Year: 2022

2021 - Betula Beach - Assessment Roll.PDF • 31.6 KB


2019 Betula Beach Assessment Roll
Assessment Year: 2019   •   Tax Year: 2020
2019 - Betula Beach - Assessment Roll.pdf • 2.9 MB


Mailing Date Certifications - Property Tax Notices
(Section 310(4) Municipal Goverment Act, RSA 2000 Chapter M-26)

Emily House, Chief Administrative Officier, hereby certifies that the:


2023 Property Tax Notices for The Summer Village of Betula Beach were mailed on 

2022 Property Tax Notices for The Summer Village of Betula Beach were mailed on May 27, 2022.

2021 Property Tax Notices for The Summer Village of Betula Beach were mailed on 


Assessment Complaint forms can be obtained by request at or from the
Alberta Municipal
Affairs website:

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